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I18n for calaos v3
Hi everyone

I uploaded all the po/ts file for Calaos Server and Calaos Base on
Those files contains new strings to translate.
With Raoul we added a new feature in the next v3. We now add documentation for each IO and technology directly in the source code of calaos_base. So it's ready to be translate. Once all strings will be translated, we will  generate by calling "calaos_server --gendoc" two files for each languages : io.json and
- io.json is a file used by Calaos Installer to add help for IO parameters and actions.
- is not used yet, but it's the human readable version of the previous one in markdown format. We would like to add those files directly in the wiki, so user will get translated documentation !

So for you, translators, the only thing you have to do, is logged in into, translate strings. And once it's done we will be able to generate documentation for each language on the wiki and in calaos_installer. That rocks !

If you don't have an account for please send an e-mail to we will be pleased to add you.

We need you to get a rock solid v3.

See you
Calaos v2 sur Rpi et MeleA1000 | Eco Device | IPX800 | Karotz | 1Wire | Relais GPIO | Squeezebox

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