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Creation Groupe Telegram
Bonjour à tous,

le forum devient de plus en plus mort et dans le but de relancer un peu tout ceci, serait-il judicieux de lancer un groupe telegram.

Je sais qu'il y a déjà un groupe IRC mais c'est assez compliqué à y obtenir des réponses car on doit laisser le chan ouvert sur un ordinateur qui tourne (du moins avec les softs ou app que j'ai trouvées) ce qui n'est pas le cas de Telegram.

Qu'en pensez-vous ?


Hi Flykri:
I've been working a lot with Raoul offline on a couple of things pertaining to Calaos V3.
I'm new here and the learning curve for Calaos/Yocto is steep.
On the positive side however there are some exciting new upgrades that Raoul has released at least experimentally. The most important of which is the new code for the installer which now support Zigbee using the TI2531 chip. I personally haven't got mine working yet because I am in North America and we tend to use Digi corps XBee S2C modules. I've ordered my TI USB and it should be here tomorrow so I should be able to spin it up.
My personal goal is to stimulate more interest from this side of the pond in Calaos as I really thing it is much better than the other HA systems. Believe me I have tried them all and they all have major issues.
Getting ZigBee2MQTT running and be able to control Zigbee lighting will be a huge help to rekindle interest.
The other thing is I have two Zigbee controller thermostats. This seems to be one item lacking in Calaos (at least from a North American perspective). The other big item is WIFI support.
We don't use WAGO over here. It would be way to expensive to put into new homes. Hence the use of WIFI and ZigBee for control functions.
I agree with the IRC chat stuff. It tends to be for developers.
Keep posting here for now as the activity should help revive once people see some action and progress.

good to have somebody else working on the project.

Nonetheless, I'm not sure people like me will gain more interest if they are not affected by the changes you talked about. But anyway, any changes/improvement should be welcomed...

I was pleased to have trust the calaos team at first but seeing all the development of all the other products, I'm a bit sad that nowadays, nothing is really moving. My field of expertise is definitely not home automation and therefore there is nothing I can do anymore to improve my installation which is demotivating.

It is a shame that Raoul is the only person doing the development.
I'm hoping that I can help out in other facets as I've been doing home automation for almost 40 years now. My first system was X10 based and later I used Misterhouse. Don't get me going on how difficult it is to program in PERL. I work in Linux on a daily basis and am an engineer not a developer.
I have Calaos V3 server running on my Raspberry Pi right now with two of my security cameras doing fine job of display.
What I really like about Calaos is the web gui. It is very professional and has a nice way of provisioning devices and rules through the installer.
I can see a LOT of potential with it.
So that begs the question of what things are you looking for that would excite you?
I know it's tough job for Raoul as he's alone.

Among others:
- google home integration (nest, assistant voice control...) I'm currently voice controlling my house via webhook in IFTTT which is not convenient to create rules.
- Somfy RTS control via RFXCom Module. To be honest Raoul had proposed me to send the module last summer but I forgot to send it.
(01-13-2020, 06:14 PM)Flykri Wrote: I know it's tough job for Raoul as he's alone.

Among others:
- google home integration (nest, assistant voice control...) I'm currently voice controlling my house via webhook in IFTTT which is not convenient to create rules.
- Somfy RTS control via RFXCom Module. To be honest Raoul had proposed me to send the module last summer but I forgot to send it.
I currently have two google assistants (Alexa), which i have had operational with Samsung's Smartthings and also Home Assistant. They were controlling my WEMO wall switches. I started with Smartthings because they said it was to be opensource but they soon reneged on that and closed it up. I was very angry at this as it took away the ability to chose other dirctions than those didctated by Samsung marketing. Home Assistant I found too flakey in their code as well they had too many forks in the code with HASS, HASSIO, HASS Docker. It was unstable code. So, in a nutshell Google assistant is very much in my sights for Calaos as well.
A lot of what I do is Python based. Take a look at my friends blog you will see he has google assistant working using Python code. I have worked with him over the last 5 or 6 years on STUFF so I know where all the bodies are buried......
To be honest I have a couple of 433 Mhz transceivers that are on my radar for sensor collection but at this point they are way down on the priority list so I will leave that to you and Raoul for invesitgation.
Maybe with more discussions we can stimulate others to chime in.
I'm in for a telegram group.

Maybe we could also plan for a rush to translate more pages... It would welcome many more customers than only french speaking ones.
I''m not sure what you mean by a "telegram group"?
From what I have observed on the site, it isn't so much about the French documentation needing translation (google translator does a pretty good job) but more about updating the documentation to reflect the current state of things.
I've said this elsewhere on the forum but I am a big fan of Calaos. It's got a great dashboard gui and it architecture is really extremely well done. It currently is too focused on Europe (understandable) and needs to be expanded across the pond to get more interest.
I'd like to see more discussion about adding WIFI devices to it. But first the need for a V3 that supports ZigBee2MQTT on Raspberry Pi is really important and quite critical.
We also need to establish groups on Reddit and Facebook as these will create a lot more visibility worldwide.
I for one have been most fortunate that Raoul has helped me in understanding more about Calaos. I'm also hopeful that others with the past experience will take the time to reach out with a group on Reddit or Facebook and help newcomers to learn and appreciate the great home automation system that Calaos is.
I've been doing home automation for over 30 years. I go back to the 70's when BSR X10's were first introduced. I still have some running. I've spun up Smartthings when it first came out ( still have my original hub), Home Assistant (didn't like the instability of the code and lack of a good Dashboard gui), and also openHAB (again poor dashboard and gui) to name a few. This is why Calaos to me is the best of what I have worked with.
I see there is still a lot of interest in Calaos given the number of people that read the recent posts. I'd just like to hear more from them on the forum.
Now the question is: What do others think? Angel

Bonjour à tous,

voici le lien pour rejoindre le groupe telegram
Advienne que pourra, si ça marche, tant mieux!

Hi all,

here is the link to join the telegram group
Hopefully this will prove to be useful

A+ sur telegram!
See you there!

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