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Docker for V3
This is my first post on this site.
I am a newbie to Calaos but not to home automation. I've been doing it for almost 30 years. I started in the day with BSR X10 and MisterHouse. In fact I still have a couple X10 devices controlling Christmas lights.

I recently downloaded V3 for Raspberry Pi to see how it works. I installed Calaos installer on a windoz machine. Now I have three Foscam cameras working off the server.
I really like the browser GUI.

I run most of my home automation productions stuff in docker containers on my Lenovo Thinkserver, which is an i7 with 32 gig ram and several terrabytes of disk but ssd and traditional.

So, my goal is to move V3 or rather install the Intel x86 version in a docker container and continue from there. Thus the question is has anyone containerized the V3 latest version?

As I mentioned to Raul earlier, I am a Canadian living in Texas. On this side of the pond we can't install something like WAGO as it would drive the cost of house electrical through the roof. Also, it would be a no starter for existing homes as the circuits for lights can have up to 15 devices on one circuit. Hence, most of us have resorted to WIFI, Zigbee and Xbee. Also, there is several manufacturers selling Z-wave. Personnally, I've got about 8 in wall switches from WEMO (I'm not a fan) and several Zigbee devices.

Most of my work is done in Python. I've seen that there is a Python API for Calaos. I might add that I'm a telecom engineer. My developers friends say engineers program with soldering irons.
This is only my second day working with this so I have a lot of learning to do in deploying Calaos so any advise, suggestions and/or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not sure how many members are from this side of the pond but I think Calaos can really help in Home Automation on this side for sure.


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