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OpenPLC (english)
Is there a a way to connect the OpenPLC project ( ) to Calaos OS? I've been playing with the system for the past 3 days virtually non stop (never used PLC's before, used to things like domoticz), and now i'm trying to connect a openPLC...

I thought this must be possible since both systems use (or can use) ModBus, but i can't figure it out.

Any info or help is welcome!

Thanks in advance,


I don't know openplc project. Sounds interesting, but to use it with calaos modbus is not the only requirement.
On wago PLCs modbus is used for simple IO control and reading, and a simple UDP protocol is used for events, heartbeat, etc...
Without that UDP protocol, which is implemented in the ST language, calaos cannot use a PLC.
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