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Input Adrress - zim - 11-23-2015

Hello All,

This is my first post so hello to You all. Im from Poland just started playing with Wago and found Your project. Im impressed by Your work and effect.

I have WAGO 750-880 I was able to install Calaos server connect with Wago but im not able to detect inputs from wago. Auto detection didn't find nothing.

Just to confirm outputs working fine.

Can some one guide me how I should find addresses for inputs ?

Best Regards,

RE: Input Adrress - raoulh - 11-23-2015


Welcome to the forum!

For the input auto-detection to work, it uses UDP packets. Most likely you have your firewall that is blocking all of those. Try by disabling ALL firewall/antivirus. If it does not work, it's not a big deal anyway, you can still enter the input address you want to use manually (this is the VAR parameter in calaos_installer)

RE: Input Adrress - zim - 11-23-2015

Thanks for quick answer,

Firewall was disabled, how to find this address manually ? Outputs was 0 and 1, but inputs on those addresses don't work.

RE: Input Adrress - raoulh - 11-23-2015

The addresses depends on the modules you have connected on your Wago.
For example:
[Image: borne_entree8.jpg]

Here ED1 is input 0, ED2 is input 1, ED3 is input 2, etc...

If you add a second 8 inputs module, it will begin with address 8 to 15, and so on...

RE: Input Adrress - zim - 11-23-2015

Numbers are separate for inputs and outputs or going by cards no matter what type ?

RE: Input Adrress - raoulh - 11-23-2015

You're correct, inputs and outputs have their own numbering scheme. So inputs starts at 0 and outputs starts at 0 too.

RE: Input Adrress - zim - 11-23-2015

So I have a problem its seams that some thing don't work for inputs.

Is there a way to check if Calaos receives input signal.

RE: Input Adrress - raoulh - 11-23-2015

calaos_server uses UDP packet too. How do you run calaos_server? Using calaos-os? On a dedicated machine?

You said you are using a 750-880, in the config of inputs/outputs you should have wago_841 = true (it should be the default, but verify just in case)

RE: Input Adrress - zim - 11-23-2015


Thanks for Your help, it works Big Grin

I have placed system on separate machine but waiting for RP.

Did You try to implement usage of alarm systems , like SATEL Integra.

I have communication protocol for WAGO.

RE: Input Adrress - raoulh - 11-24-2015

Great to hear!,

Non we haven't implemented that. It depends on how it works.