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Full Version: Chinese cc2531 zigbee USB modules
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I recently bought a cc2531 from Alibaba and another from Amazon. Wouldn't you know it the Chinese one arrived first.
Aha, says I, now I can get ZigBee2MQTT running. You see up til now I have used Digi Corps XBee S2C which are coordinators, routers, etc that work really well with ZigBee devices. I live in Texas and so I try to support Texas Instruments but the Digi boards a very well supported.
Back to the cc2531. So I unpack the little devices and plug them into my Ubuntu desktop. I do a quick dmesg and it shows up as a Texas Instrument cc2531. Golden...
So I plug it into my Calaos Server and no joy. I check the usual ls -l /dev/tty* and it doesn't show up as ttyACM0.
Well after a bunch of research I come to the stark relization that the little cc2531 was shipped to me without anything programmed into it.
I had ordered this little device complete with the debugging and programming modules but as luck would have it all they sent me was the USB stick.

There are a couple of articles on the web on how to program it without the debugger pod so I'm going to try that. In the meantime, the Amazon one is due to arrive today. Now, what bets it comes without any programming.
Don't you just live DIY?

Stay tuned.