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Full Version: SNIPS racheté par l'américain SONOS
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Pour ceux qui, comme moi, auraient raté l'information, le français SNIPS spécialisé dans l'assistant vocal sans Cloud a été racheté par Sonos:

I for one am very glad to see someone else jump intot the voice assistant fray. Choices are always a great thing to have. It's going to be most interesting to see where Sonos takes SNIPS from here. This can only be a positive for Calaos as well.
Hi Gtracy

Nice to meet you :-)
I've just done some tests with Snips but it's in my To Do List to install it well in the house. I prefer a voice assistant without external connexion like Google or Amazon Clouds, too Big Brother for me :-)

Have a nice day
Hello Arnaud:
I am right there with you about external connections. Elsewhere here I discussed my considerable agravation with Samsung Smartthings and how so called "Open Source" really isn't.
Anyway I want to get to the point you are with Calaos one of these days. But first I've got to get my ZigBee2MQTT running. I"m going to do a little write up on this forum about the cc2531 adventure.
I have a Raspberry Pi running V3.0 and it has a couple of my security cameras working with it.
My goal as soon as I get ZibBee2MQTT running is to go back and continue my attempts at building Calaos server images. It's been one thing after another getting them built. Just when I think I'm close something else comes up and bites me.

Thanks again for the greeting. Enjoy the rest of your day.