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Full Version: Time stamp on new posts
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A little suggestion…

In the ’DevBlog’ section on the front page, there are some very good information. For example it states somewhere: ‘In the next weeks we are going to do some alpha builds, so you guys can test out all the new functions. So stay tuned for the next update!’.

But it is difficult to put all the good information in perspective, when there are no reference to time/date anywhere. All the text could have been written for days/months/years ago, and I think that it is important to understand the timeline. Could you please add a time stamp to the posts please!


We use a standard wordpress theme... If you go inside the post like this one:

You have the post date written at the right.... November 17, 2015

Don't know if we could add it to all post on the main page...
Ok, I checked, and there is an option to add the date on the main page. Thanks for the feedback!
You are welcome - and thanks!