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The Calaos Project

Calaos is full solution for home automation. It was first a system developed by a french company of the same name. When the company was closed during 2013, the entire code base was open sourced and released as GPL. A small community started around the project to continue the development.
The community is growing every day, the wiki and forum are here to share informations and good ideas. Don't hesitate to contact and help us!


Hardware support

We support a lot: Wago PLC, Raspberry Pi, Zodianet's ZiBASE, Cubieboard, Squeezebox, CCTV, ... We have done the hard work. And we are going to support more and more hardware platforms.
Besides, with Calaos OS it's just a matter of burning a memory card and you have a complete working software installation.

Do it yourself

With Calaos you can quickly and easily install yourself a complete installation. The community is here to help you. The Wiki is full of documentation on how it works, and the forum is here to get an answer will all your specific questions. Don't be afraid, plenty of users are here to help.

Supported Hardware


Give time

If you have free time, help is welcome in different areas:

  • Developers : Contact us to see the ongoing tasks and let us point you to the right direction.
  • Documentation : Help us improve the documentation.
  • Translators : Translate all softwares.
  • Designers : Help for the website, etc...

Contribute hardware

You want Calaos to support your hardware, we may help you by having access to that hardware. You can give some hardware to the developers to motivate them adding support in Calaos. In any case, you do not have any warranty that it will work. If you want to give us hardware please contact us first.

Donate money

The Calaos project needs money for different reasons:

  • Maintain servers and subscriptions for the Calaos services (website, AppStore, ...)
  • Buy hardware for development and to add support
  • Promote the project

You can give money through the paypal account. There is no minimum amount, you give what you want.
You can also give us in Bitcoin using this address: 18dh7KXvM7BZjJwyhwCzvAqLrMDsc66NJu